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What Are The Types Of Non-standard Tools, And What Are The Development Prospects?

Nov 14, 2018

Non-standard tools are widely used in life. In fact, there are many types of non-standard tools. Below, we will follow the non-standard tool manufacturers to understand the four types of non-standard tools!

1. Non-standard blade: non-standard PCD blade, non-standard CBN blade, non-standard threaded blade, non-standard grooved blade, non-standard car blade, non-standard milling blade;

2, welding: reamer, forming knife, drill bit, thread cutter, etc.;

3, the overall hard alloys: non-standard drills, non-standard step drills, non-standard reamer, non-standard milling cutters, non-standard forming knives, non-standard step reamer, small parts cutters;

4. Discarding cutter bar cutters: non-standard chamfer drills, non-standard violent drills, non-standard step drills, non-standard forming knives, non-standard forming knives, non-standard boring knives, various non-standard milling cutters, various Non-standard milling cutters and so on. In addition, non-standard tools are different from normal carbide tools, and there are certain requirements for materials used for non-standard tools.

With the development of the world industry, the application of non-standard tools has become increasingly widespread. Although the number of standard tools in the global metal cutting tool family undoubtedly has an absolute advantage, as the machining industry has been called the "efficiency, cost reduction" baton knocking on the head, the status of non-standard tools has been A substantial increase. Titanium Machinery is the main product of the company with rotary top, screw, shaft machining, CNC lathe machining, shank shank and collet post. The focus of the tool industry's transformation of the economic development mode should be to enter the high-end market of manufacturing, eliminate the excess capacity of high-consumption and inefficient standard tools, and vigorously develop modern high-efficiency non-standard tools that are urgently needed by the manufacturing industry, with the least resource consumption for the society. Provide maximum productivity.

The process of innovative development of tool blades is the development of non-standard tools and non-standard blades. In this development process, the development of new products from scratch, the number of cutting is increasing, the cutting precision is continuously improved, and the shape specification design of product parts is increasingly complicated. These require new tools to adapt, and tool suppliers need to provide customers with more targeted personal tool services. These tools for adapting to new products are not necessarily in the standard series. They need to use a series of innovative techniques of tools to improve metal removal rate, extend tool life, reduce downtime, improve tool disassembly and ease of operation, and improve running performance. Etc., shorten processing time and reduce processing costs.