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The Development Prospects Of Machine Tool Accessories

Jan 07, 2021

"Scientific and technological innovation is the strategic support to improve social productivity and overall national strength, and must be placed at the core of the overall national development. We must adhere to the path of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics, plan and promote innovation with a global perspective, and improve original innovation, integrated innovation, and introduction and digestion Absorb and re-innovate, and pay more attention to collaborative innovation."-Excerpted from the report of the 18th CPC National Congress

In terms of industrial development, we must also adhere to the reform direction of the socialist market economy. With the development of my country's machine tool industry automation industry, the machine tool industry's structural upgrade and technological progress have achieved greater development, which has also helped my country accelerate the realization of relying on technology. Progress and sustainable development of the new industrialization path change. However, the machine tool manufacturing industry is an important manifestation of my country's high-end equipment manufacturing industry. With the machine tool industry’s increasing requirements for product production precision and efficiency, my country’s machine tool industry currently urgently needs to adopt a large number of ordinary machine tool accessories, machine tool accessories and machine tool numerical control The transformation fits.

Under this premise, the maintenance, recycling, and remanufacturing development of machine tools have become the top priorities.

As the country with the largest number of machine tools in the world, the number of machine tools in my country has reached about 8 million, and traditional old machine tools with more than 10 years of service account for about 50%. In the next 5-10 years, these machine tools may form considerable remanufacturing potential resources that can be recycled.

Many machine tools just need to be replaced with machine tool parts and machine tool accessories.

With the continuous development of the economy and industry, there are more than 4 million ordinary machine tools in our country, of which 1/4 of the machine tools are more than 30 years old. These machine tools have no value for transformation and need to be eliminated and updated. The remaining about 70% The machine tool is capable of CNC transformation. The implementation of transformation and renewal of many ordinary machine tools can form hundreds of billions of renewal market demand, which can play a certain role in maintaining economic growth. Therefore, the numerical control transformation project can form hundreds of billions of industrial added value.

Various machine tool accessories, machine tool accessories, and machine tool CNC accessories have attracted attention in the market. To this end, we inquired about the sales manufacturers of machine tool parts and found that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, market feedback has increased significantly and sales have increased day by day.

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