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Milling Cutter Development And Optimization Processes

Aug 25, 2016

Development of high speed cutting is cutting direction, is one of the most important key technologies in manufacturing technology. High-speed cutting technology will significantly improve the productivity and quality, reduce production costs. High-speed cutting, because the spindle rotating at high speed, if there is unbalance in the tool, its centrifugal force of the spindle bearings, machine tool parts, such as cyclical load applied, thus causing vibration, spindle bearings, tool life and the quality will be adversely affected. End milling cutter with unequal blade spacing is a new high-performance cutting tools, it can effectively suppress chatter, improve the surface quality. However, the milling cutter with unequal blade spacing determines the structural characteristics of eccentric milling quality, this will result in end milling cutter cannot meet the requirements of high speed machining.