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Internal Boring Bars

Nov 06, 2019

Tools are an indispensable tool in cutting. Whether it is a general machine tool or an advanced CNC machine tool (NC), machining center (MC) and flexible manufacturing system (FMC), tools must be used to complete the cutting process. The development of tools has an important impact on improving productivity and processing quality. Tool material, tool structure and geometry are the three factors that determine the cutting performance of a tool, and the performance of the tool material plays a key role. A tool is a tool used in machining for machining, also known as a cutting tool. Generalized cutting tools include both tools and abrasive tools. Most of the tools are machine-made, but they are also used by hand. Since the tools used in mechanical manufacturing are basically used to cut metal materials, the term "tool" is generally understood to mean a metal cutting tool.


Since the inner hole turning tool is mounted on the lathe tool holder by the clamping portion of the arbor, the shank portion and the cutting portion are suspended, and the length is about 60 mm. After the sharpening, the arbor diameter is only 9 mm. And the effective length of the machining is 33mm. When the finishing rotation speed is relatively high and the finishing allowance is not much left, the rigidity of the arbor is poor, the vibration is large, and the surface of the machined hole is easy to generate ripples, which affects the inner hole. Precision. When the inner hole of the low-speed fine car is finished, although the surface of the hole coming out of the car is small in surface roughness, it is easy to produce taper, and the dimensional accuracy of the inner hole is affected. In order to eliminate the taper of the inner hole, although the low speed can be changed to the medium speed cutting, the surface roughness of the inner hole of the vehicle is increased due to the built-up edge of the tool during cutting.


The improvement and application of the inner hole turning tool is shortened. Combining the above aspects to discuss and analyze, it is necessary to ensure the rigidity of the arbor and ensure the processing efficiency. Practice has proved that the use of the improved inner hole to process various types of holes not only ensures product quality, but also greatly shortens the operator's sharpening and tool adjustment time, reduces the labor intensity of the operator, improves the processing efficiency, and reduces the efficiency. Processing costs. If the same improvement can be used to make certain modifications to the thread turning tool and the external turning tool, the production efficiency can be improved and the processing cost can be reduced.

New internal boring bars

An inner hole turning tool belongs to the technical field of machining tools. The utility model solves the problems that the existing inner hole turning tool has large limitation in processing and the chip removing effect is poor. The inner hole turning tool comprises a cutter bar and a cutter head disposed at the front end of the cutter bar, the thickness of the cutter head is smaller than the thickness of the cutter bar, and the upper surface of the cutter head has a triangular blade mounting groove, and the blade is fixed by the locking component In the mounting groove, an arc-shaped chip discharging surface is arranged between the arbor and the cutter head, and the chip discharging surface extends along the upper surface of the cutter head to the upper surface of the arbor, and the locking member has a blade for guiding the blade to the mounting groove An extruded portion that is internally squeezed. The utility model has the advantages of wide application range, good stability and the like.