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HSS Taps Processing Internal Thread

Jun 28, 2017

HSS Taps Processing internal thread

A tool that handles internal threads with grooves in the axial direction. Also called screw attack. Taps according to their shape is divided into straight taps, spiral taps and screw tip taps. Straight groove tap processing is easy, the accuracy is slightly lower, the output is bigger. Generally used for ordinary lathes, drilling and tapping machine thread processing, cutting speed is slow. Spiral groove taps for CNC machining center drilling blind hole, processing speed, high precision, better chip, good for neutrality. The tip of the screw tip has a grooved groove for the machining of the through hole. Now the tool factory to provide the tap are mostly coated taps, compared with the untreated taps of the service life and cutting performance has greatly improved.

Machine and hand tap is the standard tap for cutting ordinary threads. China is accustomed to the manufacture of high precision high-speed steel taps known as machine tap, the carbon tool steel or alloy tool steel rolling teeth (or incisors) tap known as hand tap, in fact, both the structure and Working principle is basically the same. Typically, the tap consists of a working part and a shank. The working part is divided into part and the calibration part, the former grinding with a cutting cone, responsible for the cutting work, which is used to calibrate the size and shape of the thread.

Use edits

Uses: for the processing of nuts or other parts of the ordinary internal thread (ie tapping). Machine taps usually refers to the high-speed steel grinding cone, suitable for tapping on the machine; hand tap refers to the carbon tool steel or Alloy tool steel Rolling teeth (or incisors) tap, suitable for manual tapping. Taps are machined in a variety of small and medium-sized internal thread of the tool, it is simple, easy to use, both manual operation, can also work on the machine, in the production of a very wide range of applications. For small size internal thread, silk Wei is almost the only processing tool.

Silky varieties are: hand with silk Wei, machine tap, nut tap, squeeze taps and so on.

Osg tap is the world famous brand taps, superior quality, use a long time. Komi machinery is Guangdong osg tap the official website of the agent, and now to drink everyone talk about osg tap daily maintenance points.

1, tapping when the end of the mouth to chamfer, osg tap to be coaxial with the workpiece hole; tapping should be applied at the beginning of the axial pressure, so tap the cut, cut a few laps after the need to apply axial force.

2, when the tap calibration part into the screw hole, each turn half circle to a circle will return 1/4, 1/2 laps, so that the chip broken and then attack; attack through the hole, to often quit Taps for chip removal.

3, in the steel workpiece on the tapping to add cutting fluid in the cast iron on the tapping, you can add a little kerosene. With the first attack, and then two attacks, three attacks, the tap must be screwed into the screw hole.

4, the set of silk when the end of the workpiece to chamfer, tooth face should be perpendicular to the workpiece axis; sets of silk at the beginning to exert axial pressure, the corresponding pressure should be larger; when the teeth in the workpiece cut off the thread, Do not stress again.

5, sets the wire when the chip broken, discharged in a timely manner, should always reverse the teeth.

6, the workpiece should be firmly fixed in the folder, the fixture.

7, when the taps broken, do not touch the hand to fold off, with a chisel or chisel out.

8, the use of osg tap tapping time, you must wear a protective mirror.