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HSS End Mills Milling Method

Sep 30, 2017

HSS End Mills Milling method

Application characteristics of high speed steel end mills

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1, different milling methods, according to different processing conditions, in order to improve the durability and productivity of the tool, you can choose a different milling methods, such as reverse milling, milling and symmetry milling and asymmetry milling.

2, followed by cutting the milling of each knife are to continue to cut, especially the end of milling, milling cutter fluctuations are relatively large, so the vibration is inevitable. In the vibration when the frequency and the natural frequency of the machine to be the same or in multiple times when the vibration is more serious. There is also in the high-speed high-speed steel end mill cutter also need regular manual cycle of hot and cold impact, more prone to cracks and collapse knife, making the durability decreased.

3, multi-blade multi-blade cutting, high-speed steel end mill to eat more, the total length of the cutting edge, is conducive to improving the durability of the tool and production productivity, there are many advantages. But there are only two aspects.

First, the knife teeth prone to radial runout, which will cause the knife teeth load, wear uneven, affecting the quality of the surface has been processed; Second, the knife bitter space must be sufficient, otherwise it will damage the teeth.

4, high productivity High-speed steel milling cutter continuous rotation, and allows a higher milling speed, and therefore have a high productivity.

For a perfect milling tool, the treatment of tungsten steel high-speed steel end mill cutting performance is good, the need to match the various links is also very important for each step need to be handled with caution, so as to improve processing efficiency and tungsten steel The service life of high speed steel end mill. The analysis is as follows.

Before processing must first understand the rigidity of the machine and the horsepower of the spindle:

1kw = 0.75HP (spindle torque value unit conversion)

a: the general structure of the machine is divided into hard rail or linear slide (generally hard to better rigidity).

b: Spindle drive mode for the gear type, straight knot, built-in type and belt type (generally with gear type and straight processing torque value is better).

c: Machine spindle Arbor type is generally BT30 (SK30), BT40 (SK40), BT50 (SK50) or HSK (high-speed spindle) based.

Based on the above argument, the same tungsten steel high-speed steel end mill because of the different types of machines, the processing capacity and cutting data are also different.