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HSS Drill Bits Played A Big Role

Nov 06, 2017

HSS Drill Bits Played a big role

In general, the common high-speed steel drill bit is also many types, with typical, wide-type high-speed steel drill bits as follows:

Deep hole drilling, reaming drilling, drilling, drilling center, hollow drill, twist drill, partial drilling

About the production of high-speed steel drill bit played a significant role in the related industries, one of its widely used factors is the installation and removal of convenience:

1, high-speed steel drill bit installation

Slow lifting high-speed steel drill bit box body, the high-speed steel drill bit four corresponding legs into the drill turret of the four holes, according to the specifications of high-speed steel drill bit selection of the corresponding high-speed steel drill bit core board, lifting high-speed steel drill Insert the box core into the high speed steel bit box body and then fit the groove of the high speed steel bit to be installed to the convex point of the high speed steel bit box core. Put the high speed steel bit into the high speed steel bit box, Turntable heart. Then turn the high-speed steel drill bit connected to the nut drill pipe.

2, high-speed steel drill disassembly

Lifting drill pipe (with high-speed steel drill bit), the high-speed steel drill bit box body requirements such as the turntable connected with the lifting drill slowly so that the groove of high-speed steel drill bits and high-speed steel drill head core corresponding convex tip, high-speed steel drill bit card In the high-speed steel drill bit box, followed by the return drill pipe, high-speed steel drill.

In order to ensure the normal development of the industry, the country has certain standards for high-speed steel drill bits, so it also increased the effective management of the high-speed steel drill bit market! However, theory is not enough light, we must allow students to stand in front of the wheel machine hands-on, hands-on is not blind Sharpening. If you are not the hand to guide the students sharpening methods and techniques, then no matter how good theoretical knowledge of the students, you let him first sharpening a standard twist drill, in all likelihood is not drilling. why? Theory has not played a guiding role in practice. Students have not mastered sharpening skills and techniques yet. Although commonly used standard twist drill grinding only two main flank and grinding horizontal edge, but after sharpening to ensure that the top corner, horizontal edge bevel angle and the two main cutting length equal, about contour. And after grinding horizontal chisel, high-speed steel drill bits in the process of drilling brisk, chip removal is normal, there is indeed a certain degree of difficulty. First, to help students establish confidence, confidence determines the driving force. After mastering methods and techniques, it is not hard to sharpen a standard, standard twist drill. Followed by a clear tell them to see less grinding, blind sharpening, the more grinding the more blind, a long high-speed steel drill worn over, I do not know why. Only a few more grind to see, more analysis, more understanding, the theory will slowly guide the practice. Less grinding, that is, less wear and tear when you can not get the essentials. This can save the waste generated by blind sharpening, but also painstaking research how to mill. See more is to read the book on the knowledge and illustrations to see the teacher's sharpening action to see a good grinding standard qualified twist drill to see a variety of sharpening flaws twist drill. Meditation, look carefully, this is very important. So that they have a basic understanding of the "good" and "bad" twist drills.