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HSS Drill Bits One Kind Of Property Is Better

Aug 31, 2017

HSS Drill Bits One kind of property is better

The difference between the alloy bit and the tungsten steel bit

Encountered in the daily work every day some confuse tungsten alloy bit and bit difference, today to give the customers explain alloy bit and five bit what is the biggest difference.

Alloy bit and five bit difference seemed to appear a bit only material is qualitative different, if someone think it is wrong wrong, actually tungsten alloy bit and drill is a kind of material of the bit is just this kind of material is installed in the market for two way, so cause a lot of people can't distinguish tungsten alloy and the difference between, actually there is no difference, if the difference is called different. So after you've been able to understand this, don't worry about the difference between tungsten and gold. There's no difference at all.

Cities are a tool usage in the manufacturing industry is very broad, at the same time in cutting tool industry, tungsten steel drill may be more people used to call it, moreover many knives are not actually a general designation there is always some people call it is different, so sometimes will also go to the wall don't know what each other is so lead to erosion, so the name is tungsten steel drill manufacturers need to be aware of different things!

Tungsten steel is a kind of wide application of the material, is also a good attribute is a material, tungsten steel drill bit is likely to be of the most common tungsten steel twist drill, left right tungsten steel twist drill, drill tungsten steel steps, tungsten steel drill in cold, cold outside tungsten steel drill, or tungsten steel spade drill, these basic understanding what is compared commonly used tungsten steel drill bits, is a professional manufacturer of tungsten steel drill bit, looking for high quality tungsten steel drill bit, looking for a "buy"!

Alloy and tungsten steel may be in some people's eyes are two materials, but to tell you today that alloy and tungsten steel belong to one kind of material. Why appears on the market now, the two way can be everyone's habit as different but the essence is the same as tungsten alloy, and tungsten alloy is also, so, don't go with the two kinds of material, after meet I hope everyone can understand the material is the same only the name different.

Tungsten steel material properties have too much too much, I will not go to you one by one, but tell everyone here tungsten steel is one of the world famous area of hunan zhuzhou believe a lot of people also should know that the treasure better production bit used tungsten steel, though not of the world's best but in the domestic tungsten steel drill bit is relatively good.

What are the characteristics of tungsten steel? Tungsten steel is also known as cemented carbide with high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent properties, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even under the temperature of 500 ℃ are the basic remain unchanged, still has a high hardness at 1000 ℃, tungsten steel material that also is a drawback, that is relatively easy to break, so might as well try to understand the new product of titanium coating on OBS left drill adopts high speed steel material is most raw materials, the world's best processing of stainless steel material is very good.