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HSS Drill Bits Component

Jun 28, 2017

HSS Drill Bits component

Introduction to editors

Drill bit is the main component of the drilling equipment, its main role is to break the rock, the formation of wellbore. Rotary drill bit is currently used in the oil industry commonly used drill, driven by the mechanical rotation of the drill will produce rotation, which led to the entire drill to produce centripetal movement, and through the invasion, grinding the rock cracks and broken, play down drilling effect. Drill bit is one of the main drilling equipment, according to the working environment, the geographical environment of different drill bit size, shape should also be different, in the oil drilling work, should be specific needs, specific design as the basis, Scientifically select the drill bit. In the specific drilling work scientifically select the drill bit, reasonably determine the drilling fluid, so as to improve the efficiency of oil drilling, the quality of work in order to make oil drilling better play their own value, to promote the development of the oil industry to make some contribution.

Drill classification and selection editing

At present, there are many kinds of drill bits used in the petroleum industry, with different drilling methods as the root

According to the classification of the drill bit, it can be divided into diamond bits, cone bit and scraper bit, these three kinds of drill bit is the most basic form of drill. In these three drill bits, the most common and widely used in oil drilling work is the cone bit, and its application is also deeper. The three drill bits are compared, the smallest use of a drill bit is a scraper drill. This article mainly introduces the diamond bit and the cone bit.

Diamond bit and choice

Cutting edge is the use of diamond material drilling tool is the diamond bit, the main diamond drill

The advantage lies in the ability to adapt to high grinding, geological hard layer, cutting performance is also relatively good. In the high-speed drilling has a very significant advantage.

Based on the difference between the acclimation and the formation, the diamond drill bits can be divided into ordinary diamond bits and polycrystalline diamond composite slabs. Among these two categories, ordinary diamond drill bits are suitable for high ground, hard and geologically complex strata. Polycrystalline diamond composite drill bits can be widely used in hard stratum, soft stratum, soft and hard moderate Of the strata, its wide range of applications. The difference between the two blades is the main difference between the two diamond bits.

Polycrystalline diamond composite drill bit has four main components, namely, diamond composite, nozzle, carcass and bit body; ordinary diamond drill has four main components, namely, diamond particles, nozzles, carcass and bit body. Because diamond diamond cutting performance is relatively good, so the choice of diamond drill bit as a drilling tool, the high-speed drilling

Exploration, but also to a certain extent, expand the drilling depth. In the use of diamond drill bit for oil drilling operations, the need for high attention to the following aspects:

First, the diamond drill bit price is relatively high, so in use should be careful operation, reduce the degree of damage;

Second, the diamond drill bit in the thermal stability of a certain defect, so in use to ensure that the drill bit cooling performance, cleaning situation;

Third, the texture is relatively brittle, so the impact resistance of diamond bits will be relatively poor, should be strictly in accordance with the relevant rules of diamond drill to carry out strict, standardized operation.