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HSS Drill Bits Bit Type

Sep 13, 2017

HSS Drill Bits Bit type

In general, the common types of drill bits are also many, with the typical, widely used drill bit as follows:

Deep hole drilling, reaming drill, countersink drill, center drill, hollow drill, twist drill, drilled

On the drill bit in the relevant industry has played a significant role, one of its widely used factors is easy to install and disassemble:

1, drill installation

Slowly put the drill box body, the drill box of the four legs corresponding to the drill into the four holes, according to the drill bit size selection of the corresponding drill box core board, lifting the drill box core board into the drill box body and then Install the drill groove corresponding to the tip of the drill box core plate, the drill bit into the drill box, the drill card is placed on the turntable heart. And then turn on the drill pipe nut.

2, drill bit demolition

Lifting the drill pipe (with drill bit), the drill box box, such as the requirements of the turntable connection, lifting the drill pipe slowly so that the drill groove and the drill box core plate corresponding to the tip of the drill bit stuck in the drill box, drill.

In order to ensure the normal development of the industry, the state has a certain standard requirements of the drill, so also increased the effective management of the drill bit market! Standard drill bit is a very common drilling tool. It is simple structure, easy to sharpen, but it should really sharpen it, the grinding method and skills to master, is not the same thing easy. Whether the drill bit is easy to use or not depends on the material hardness of the drill bit and the texture of the object to be drilled, that is, it has a diamond diamond, and the sharpness of the drill edge is also crucial. How to use the NC drill bit? It depends on you have the conditions, and with electric wheel and the like the best conditions:

1, you have to observe the new drill bit edge of the edge of the angle, the artificial repair wear bit as long as the approximation to the angle of grinding to the sharp edge can be, if the grinding wheel in the electric wheel, be sure to pay attention to instantaneous grinding.

2, every time you remember to flood the water, because the high temperature generated by grinding enough to burn the drill bit (bit edge into black or brown).

3, the drill bit of the horn to pay full attention, can not be too large or too small. In the rear of the drill bit in the drilling, the hole was triangular or pentagonal, vibrating, chip was needle; too small after the corner of the drill bit in the drilling when the axial force is very large, easy to cut, drill fever Serious, can not be drilled.