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How To Choose CNC Tool Holders

Aug 26, 2019

Tool holder structure

The structure of the tool holder of CNC machine tools is divided into two types: integral type and modular type. The integral shank has its working part of the clamping tool integrated with its shank for positioning on the machine. This kind of tool holder has poor adaptability to the change of machine tools and parts. In order to adapt to the change of parts and machine tools, the user must stock the handles of various specifications, so the utilization of the handle is low. The modular tooling system is a more advanced tooling system, each of which can be assembled from a variety of serial modules. Different assembly parts are adopted for different machined parts and machine tools, and a variety of tool holder series can be obtained, thereby improving the adaptability and utilization of the tool holder.

The selection of the structure of the shank should be based on advanced technology and economical rationality: 1 For some long-term repeated use, simple tools that do not need to be assembled should be equipped with integral shank, so that the tool is rigid and cheap (such as the outer contour of the machined parts) End mill cutter shank, spring collet shank and drill chuck shank, etc.) 2 When machining multi-variety and small batch parts with frequent changes in hole diameter and hole depth, modular shank should be used to replace a large number of whole The type of shank handle reduces the processing cost; when 3 pairs of CNC machine tools are used, especially when the machine tool spindle end and the tool changer are different, the modular tool holder should be used. Since the intermediate modules (posts) and working modules (tooling modules) used in each machine tool are universal, the equipment investment can be greatly reduced and the tool utilization rate can be improved.


Tool holder specification

Most of the CNC tool holders use a 7:24 conical tool holder and a corresponding type of tensioning structure to match the machine tool spindle. There are various specifications for the holder, and commonly used are No. 40, No. 45 and No. 50.

Number of specifications of the tool holders

The integrated TSG tool system consists of 20 tool holders with up to hundreds of specifications. Users can select the tool holder according to the CNC machining process of the typical parts being machined, which can meet the processing requirements without causing backlog. . Considering that the CNC machine works with a certain number of shanks in pre-adjustment or tool grinding, the number of shanks is usually 2 to 3 times that of the required shank.

Tool and tool holder

Pay attention to the matching of the tool holder and the tool, especially when selecting the tapping tool holder, pay attention to the size of the taper head. In addition, the single-edge boring tool on the CNC machine tool can avoid scratching the workpiece when retracting, but pay attention to the position of the tool tip relative to the keyway on the shank: some machine tools require the same orientation as the keyway, while some machine tools require It is perpendicular to the keyway orientation.

Use efficient and compound tool holders

In order to improve the processing efficiency, high-efficiency tools and holders should be used as much as possible. For example, the double-edge boring tool holder can be used for the rough boring, which can improve the machining efficiency and reduce the cutting vibration. The strong spring collet can not only clamp the straight shank cutter, but also clamp the perforated cutter through the post. . For typical workpieces with large batch sizes and complex machining, composite tools should be used whenever possible. Although the composite tool and the tool holder are more expensive, the composite tool is used in the machining center, which can combine multiple processes into one process and be completed by one tool, which is beneficial to reduce the processing time and the number of tool changes, and significantly improve the production efficiency. . Specially designed composite shanks can also be considered for some special parts.