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High-speed Cutting Technology Improve Process Efficiency

Aug 25, 2016

Reform yilai, with China manufacturing of fast development and world manufacturing to China transfer, China mold industrial ushered in has fast development of opportunities, production scale and manufacturing technology are made has was attention of achievements: mold output from 1987 of 3 billion Yuan Yuan to 2004 breakthrough has 53 billion Yuan Yuan, in world mold manufacturing rankings in the ranked third, after Japan and United States; Meanwhile, mold manufacturing technology also get has fast development, five axis linkage of NC machine and the high-speed NC system , High speed machining, CAD/CAM/CAE systems, rapid prototyping and manufacturing a series of advanced manufacturing technology application. However, with the economic development and social progress in the world, the market for product modeling is presented diversity and individuality and the appearance of new needs, shorter product life cycles, faster updates. This trend requires more flexible manufacturing of production must on the one hand, on the other hand is supporting the production of mould manufacturing proposed to shorten the development cycle and improve processing efficiency requirement.