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Endmill National Brands In The Auto Market In China The Rise And Flourish

Aug 25, 2016

Tool market in China everywhere, really can be called the globalization of markets. Amount of high speed steel and cemented carbide tool materials in China is the highest in the world, everywhere on the market come from Germany, and Japan and the United States, and Israel, and Korea, and Sweden, and France, and Italy, and Spain and other countries of the cutting tool products. Like OSG and the YAMAWA, EMUGE, Guhring, Titex,Dormer and other importing tools accounted for the machining industry, high-end customers. Domestic cutting tools are used in medium or low requirement of customer groups, such as agricultural machinery, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles, General machinery and middle of machine-building industry. The added value of these products are relatively low, so the accuracy also have to relax the requirements to use cheaper, but accuracy and decreased efficiency of the machines and tools. Despite the large amount in these areas, the market is not small, but the ridiculously low price of the tools.