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Customized Cutting Tools The Four Major Roles

May 25, 2017

 Customized Cutting Tools What is a knife? Knife is the operator to use a variety of knives to process raw materials into a certain form of the process. So why should the raw materials work? It has the following four roles:

One, easy to cook

We all know that there are many ways to cook dishes, and different cooking methods require different knives. It is better to stir the beef roasted filaments to be coarse, fried beef roasted silk should be fine; and if the lamb, the use of stew cooking, cut to a larger, the use of stir-fried cooking, the block will need to be smaller.

  Second, easy to tasty

Customized Cutting Tools Some raw materials do not carry out knife processing, condiment is difficult to penetrate the inside, it is difficult to form a delicious.

Such as the surface of the smooth fresh fish, cut into large pieces after the stir-fried, it is difficult to penetrate the taste. Only in the large surface cut more than the cross knife pattern, increase the heating surface, in order to quickly tasty in a short time.

Another example is the fish, direct firing is not easy to penetrate the seasoning, but the surface after the knife processing, you can let the taste into the muscle.

  Third, easy to eat

Customized Cutting Tools The whole piece of thicker raw materials, such as the whole pig, cattle, sheep can not eat, must go through the knife to Eviscerate, peeled, cut into small, silk, tablets, strips and other small shape, easy to eat.

  Four neat and beautiful

  Customized Cutting Tools Raw materials cut into uniform specifications, the same thickness, the length of the same silk, film, strip, beautiful and tidy, seductive appetite, especially the color dishes, more prominent tool workers role. For example, in the toughness of raw materials such as pig waist, cuttlefish cut on the flower knife, after the oil can be curled into a beautiful flower-shaped, is the so-called "knife flowers, oil flowering."