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Chamfering And Deburring Efficient Drill Countersink Hole Cutting Tools

Aug 25, 2016

Parts of various machines. Different parts and a wide variety of surfaces, in addition to the main work surface; movement and Assembly of the support surface, outer, and many surfaces, such as chamfering of edges and holes on the surface, screw holes and parts are connected to each other at both ends, shaded countersunk hole for the screw heads and nuts, and so on. Although accuracy is not high, but they have the appropriate role in the machine, also need to be processed one by one, indispensable, a machine of such surfaces together, the total processing volume is very large. If the hole is not processed, cut sharp corners, while the machine is running, also may be machine generated stress concentration and fatigue crack source of extend the very serious consequences of the crack. Burrs off to work in parts and bearing surface, it will directly affect machine performance, or may cause machine damage.