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Carbide Reamer Cutting Tool

Oct 17, 2017

Carbide Reamer Cutting tool

Carbide tool as one of the super-hard tool, widely used in the production and processing industry, is a powerful modern industrial cutting tool, but also the social and economic development of wealth creation weapon. As a tool material, the invention and application of cemented carbide make the ability of human transformation to improve the natural, but based on the applicability of the material, carbide tool material how to choose the best, to achieve the best use value is to improve the work The best way to efficiency.

 Carbide tool material classification is more detailed, commonly used carbide to WC (tungsten carbide) as the main component, with other rare elements to form a different performance of carbide cutting tool products. Carbide tool material how to choose the best, specific materials are classified as follows:

1. Tungsten Cobalt Carbide (YG Series)

It is composed of WC and Co, has high bending strength toughness, good thermal conductivity, cutting sharp, mainly used for processing cast iron and nonferrous metals. Fine grain of tungsten cobalt carbide in the same amount of cobalt, the hardness of the harder than the coarse grain of tungsten cobalt carbide is higher, slightly less strength and toughness, suitable for processing hard cast iron and so on. Among them, YG8 Carbide is the most widely used, with cemented gold oil, YG8 cement is 8% cobalt alloy commonly used alloy, cutting tool is the most widely used carbide cutting tool materials.

2. Tungsten Cobalt Titanium Carbide (YT Series)

Because TiC (titanium carbide) hardness and melting point are higher than WC, so compared with tungsten cobalt alloy, its hardness, wear resistance, red hardness increases, the bonding temperature is high, strong antioxidant capacity, can reduce the bond. But the thermal conductivity is poor, low bending strength, suitable for processing steel and other tough materials. Commonly used YT5, YT15 alloy to welding blades, welding head mainly.

3. Tungsten Tantalum and Cobalt Carbide (YW Series)

TaC (tantalum carbide) is added on the basis of YT-based cemented carbide to improve bending strength, impact toughness, high temperature hardness, antioxidant capacity and abrasion resistance. Can be processed steel, but also processing cast iron and non-ferrous metals. At present mainly used for processing heat-resistant steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel and other difficult processing materials. YW series of carbide cutting tools to machine blade, welding blade-based, is also commonly used cutting knife tablets.

Science and technology as the primary productive force, is the social and economic development of the greatest driving force, the development of cemented carbide industry far-reaching, carbide tool materials from the original basic development direction to diversification, meticulous, sophisticated, high-end development of. Carbide tool use more high-quality use of the production and processing industry to promote the role of more obvious.