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Carbide Inserts Wear Resistance Super Good

Sep 30, 2017

Carbide Inserts Wear resistance super good

Carbide tool development history

1, what carbide?

It is a high hardness and high melting point of metal carbide as a matrix, mainly carbon as a binder, the use of powder metallurgy to form an alloy. Its hardness and wear resistance super good, high heat resistance, can cut faster than high-speed steel several times higher. In particular, his high hardness and abrasion resistance, even in the case of 500 degrees Celsius will not deformation, at 1000 degrees Celsius still has a high hardness. Now the new hardness alloy cutting tool is equal to several times the carbon steel.

2, China is the development of carbide cutting tools.

Now cemented carbide has dominated, reaching 70 percent. However, high-speed tools are being reduced by 1-2 per cent per year. Now basically down to about 30 percent. King Kong, cubic boron nitride and other super hardness of the proportion of tools accounted for about 3 percent. China's current annual tool sales of 14.5 billion yuan, the proportion of carbide cutting tools less than 25%, not only with the international market tool product structure is far from the domestic manufacturing industry can not meet the growing demand for carbide cutting tools. China's current annual output of about 80,000 tons of high-speed steel, accounting for about 40% of global output, consumption of a large number of precious tungsten, molybdenum and other rare resources. This blind expansion of the low level of duplication, making the production of high-speed steel tool a lot of excess, had to sell at low prices, resulting in a large number of low efficiency tool manufacturers. China's current annual output of 16,000 t carbide, accounting for the global total output of about 40%. But the highest value of carbide products cutting blade production is only 3,000 t, only 20%. This situation, on the one hand caused by the urgent need for domestic carbide cutting tool supply, on the other hand also valuable precious carbide resources are not fully utilized. China's cemented carbide annual sales income of about 560 million US dollars; Japan is only 40% of China's output, but the sales income of up to 2.63 billion US dollars, the blade (tool) proportion of up to 72%, so that resources Have been fully utilized, the enterprise has also been a good benefit. China's tool industry should get some useful inspiration. At present, the tool structure imbalance on the production of tools and demand is wrong. For example: the user needs a large gap in carbide cutting tools, but high-speed steel tools are overproduction; modern manufacturing industry need to work efficiently tool gap is large, but low-grade standard tool is overproduction.

Common Coatings (1) Titanium Nitride Coatings (TiN)

TiN is a versatile PVD coating that increases tool hardness and has a higher oxidation temperature. The coating for high-speed steel cutting tool or forming tool can get a very good processing effect.

(2) titanium nitride coating (TiCN)

TiCN coating added to the carbon element can improve the hardness of the tool and get better surface lubrication, high-speed steel tool is the ideal coating.

(3) nitrogen-aluminum titanium or titanium titanium aluminum coating (TiAlN / AlTiN)