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Carbide Inserts Precautions And Performance

May 25, 2017

  Carbide Inserts Carbide blade, also known as tungsten steel blade, is a carbide alloy is tungsten steel as the material of the electronics industry blade.

  Carbide Inserts Carbide blade is mainly used as a solid carbide base, after a number of production processes from finishing.

Carbide, also known as tungsten steel, is the use of high-quality tungsten carbide + cobalt powder by mixing the formula by pressing the sintering made of high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance and high elastic modulus, are powder metallurgy industry The Carbide as a modern industrial teeth, carbide cutting tools on the development of the manufacturing sector plays a fundamental role in promoting.

Carbide by grain size distinction can be divided into ordinary carbide, fine grain cemented carbide and sub-fine, ultra-fine grain cemented carbide, the new dual-crystal cemented carbide. According to the main chemical composition distinction, can be divided into tungsten carbide based carbide and titanium carbide based carbide. Tungsten Carbide-based Carbides include tungsten-cobalt (YG), tungsten-cobalt (YT) and rare carbon (YW), which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The main components are tungsten carbide (WC), titanium carbide Tic), niobium carbide (NbC) and other commonly used metal bonding phase is Co. Titanium carbide based carbide is Tic as the main component of the cemented carbide, commonly used metal bonding phase Mo and Ni. Carbide with high hardness (86 ~ 93HRA, equivalent to 69 ~ 81HRC) second only to the diamond, hot and hard (up to 900 ~ 1000 ℃, to maintain 60HRC); high flexural strength (MPa5100), good impact toughness And high corrosion resistance of the chemical inertia and other general alloy blade does not have the characteristics.

   Carbide Inserts Carbide material itself determines the characteristics of carbide cutting knife blade the importance of safe operation of the blade before installation, please do a good job protective measures to avoid falling blade caused by unnecessary loss of personal property safety.

1, listen to the sound test: the blade is installed, please use the right hand index finger carefully brought up the blade and the blade vacant, and then use the wooden hammer tapping the body, ears to listen to the sound of the body, such as voiced blades, experience Prove that the blade body has often been damaged by external forces, cracks and damage. This blade should be forbidden immediately. Prohibit the use of voiced cutters

2, the blade installation: the blade before installation, please carefully clean the cutting machine before the rotation of the bearing surface of the dust, chips and other debris, to keep the bearing mounting surface and cut the machine clean and clean.