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Carbide End Mill Processing Performance

Sep 13, 2017

Carbide end mill Processing performance

Thread cutter

With the development of CNC machine tools in China, thread cutter is getting more and more recognized, it is very good processing performance, become the reduction of thread processing costs, improve efficiency, to solve the thread processing problems of powerful processing tool. As the current thread cutter manufacturing materials for the carbide, the processing line speed of up to 80 ~ 200M / MIN, and high-speed wire cone processing speed is only 10 ~ 30M / MIN, so the thread cutter for high-speed cutting, processing thread The surface finish also increased significantly. High hardness materials and high temperature alloy materials, such as titanium alloy, nickel-based alloy thread processing has always been a more difficult problem, mainly because of high-speed steel taper processing of the above material thread, the tool life is short, and the use of carbide drilling Knife for the hard material thread processing is the effect of the ideal solution. Machinable hardness of HRC58 ~ 62. For threading of high temperature alloy materials, threaded milling machines also show very excellent processing performance and longer than expected long life. For the same pitch, different diameter of the threaded hole, the use of tap processing needs more than the tool to complete, but if the use of thread cutter processing, the use of a tool can be. In the tap wear, the processing thread size is less than the tolerance can not continue to use, can only be scrapped; and when the thread cutter wear and processing screw hole size is less than the tolerance, through the CNC system to adjust the necessary tool radius compensation, you can continue Processing the size of qualified thread. Similarly, in order to obtain high-precision threaded holes, the use of thread cutter to adjust the tool radius of the method, than the production of high-precision tap is much easier. For small diameter thread processing, especially high-hardness materials and high-temperature materials in the thread processing, the tap sometimes break, plug the threaded hole, and even scrap the parts; the use of thread cutter, the diameter of the tool is smaller than the processing hole, even broken The use of thread milling, compared with the tap, tool cutting force greatly reduced, which is large diameter thread processing, is particularly important to solve the machine load is too large, it is not easy to remove the screw hole, Can not drive the tap processing problems.

Thread cutter As a tool for machining thread with CNC machine tools, it is a kind of practical tool type which is widely used at present.

CNC milling cutter a variety of types, with the digital control industry, the development of CNC milling cutter types and application conditions and occasions will also change, we still have to continue to focus on its dynamic and research, which is very realistic meaningful.