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Automobile Manufacturing Process And CNC Equipment

Nov 06, 2020

With the continuous increase of the automotive industry market and the advancement of equipment, the automotive industry and CNC machine tools naturally have an indispensable relationship. We all know that the automobile industry can be said to be one of the industries that will always progress and will not reduce the market value and production quality. Whenever a newly developed product has a great feature, it used to take a long time to develop a car. The product has been completed in the shortest time so far. The most important thing is thanks to the approval of equipment suppliers. It is these equipment suppliers who provide various CNC machine tools. These CNC machine tools can meet market demands with the fastest production speed and highest efficiency.

Whether it is professional or practical, we can see the important role and significance of CNC machine tools clearly, which can be seen from its classification and characteristics. It mainly includes the following classifications: from the classification of processing varieties, it can be divided into CNC milling machines for processing shells, machining centers, turning centers, and CNC lathes with processing shafts; from the general category, it can be divided into special and general CNC machine tools; From the driving mode, it can be divided into stepping motors, DC servo motors, linear motors, etc.; from the spindle drive can be divided into DC spindle motors, AC spindle motors; from the position response mode can be divided into semi-closed and fully closed loop response. CNC machine tools have the characteristics of high machining accuracy and excellent flexibility, and have been paid attention to by the automobile manufacturing industry for a long time. In a very early period, the development of auto parts consumption required a very high expenditure. In addition, the system functions and efficiency were not ideal. Obviously, the maximum universal application range was not obtained. It entered the 1990s. , Slowly introduced CNC machine tools, and the manufacturing unit with it as the main body was widely used in the automobile industry. However, today's CNC machine tools are mainly developed to the high speed, and the high speed is used to improve the high efficiency work.

Therefore, in the scope of world's auto parts manufacturing, the use of CNC machine tools is becoming more and more common. However, from the perspective of the varieties of CNC machine tools, the number of low-level CNC machine tools is still the most. There are very few varieties of multi-axis CNC machining centers for gearboxes, chassis and other major auto parts, and most of them have no conceptual ideas of production and consumption.