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What's CNC Tool Holder?

Aug 10, 2018

The tool holder is a tool, which is a mechanical spindle and tool and other accessory tool connectors. At present, the main standard is BT, SK, CAPTO, BBT, HSK and other specifications of the spindle model.

Currently the main standard is BT,

SK, CAPTO, BBT, HSK and other spindle models of several specifications.

BT, BBT, are all Japanese standards and are now a commonly used standard.

SK (DIN6987) German standard

Traditional tool holder, ER type, strong type, side solid type, face milling type, drill chuck, Morse taper

Modern with hydraulic shank, thermal expansion shank, PG (cold pressure) type.

BT, SK, is a simple, popular spindle shank connection standard, mainly BT30, BT40, BT50, SK30. . . Wait. Mold industry, and high-speed engraving machine, used more,

The HSK type belongs to the post-high speed required. HSK-E type, F type, can be processed normally under the condition of 30,000 to 40,000 revolutions, providing a guarantee for high precision workpieces. At present, the Japanese standard, BIG's tool holder is better, the European-style REGO-FIX AG is better.