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Wear of tungsten steel cutters

Mar 23, 2020

Form of wear

The basic law of milling cutter wear is similar to that of turning cutters. The cutting thickness of high-speed tungsten steel milling cutters is relatively small. Especially during up-down milling, the teeth of the workpiece are pressed and slipped more seriously, so the milling cutter wear mainly occurs on the back. When milling a steel part with a tungsten steel face milling cutter, due to the high cutting speed, the chip slides along the front at a high speed, so at the same time the back wears and the front mill wears less.

Tungsten steel face milling cutter performs high-speed intermittent cutting, which causes the cutter teeth to withstand repeated mechanical and thermal shocks, resulting in cracks and fatigue damage of the cutter teeth. The higher the milling speed, the sooner and more severe the milling cutter wear becomes. Most tungsten steel face milling cutters lose cutting ability due to fatigue damage. If the geometric angle of the milling cutter is not selected properly or used improperly, and the strength of the cutter teeth is poor, the cutter teeth will wear without cracks after bearing a large impact force.

Preventive measures

(l) Reasonable selection of milling cutter blade grades: Blade materials with high toughness, low sensitivity to thermal cracking, and good heat resistance and wear resistance should be used. For example: YS30, YS25 and other inserts can be used when milling steel; YD15 and other inserts can be used when milling cast iron to prevent milling cutter wear.

(2) Reasonable selection of milling amount: Under certain processing conditions, there is a safe working area that does not cause damage. Selecting Vc and ƒz in the safe working area can ensure the normal operation of the milling cutter and prevent the milling cutter from wearing.

(3) Reasonably select the relative position between the workpiece and the milling cutter: Reasonably selecting the installation position of the face milling cutter plays an important role in reducing the wear of the face milling cutter.