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Tungsten steel material classification

Aug 07, 2018

Tungsten steel material refers to the alloy material obtained by mixing, pressing and sintering by WC and Co powder as the main raw materials by powder metallurgy method through a series of processing methods. Has the characteristics of hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, stainless steel and so on.  Widely used in hardware, machinery, chemical, defense and other industries to produce high-precision and high-wear key components.

1. Tungsten steel round rods, commonly used to make drill bits, PCB micro drills, mold thimbles, mold tips, electrode rods, boring tools, shuttles in the textile industry, machine tool journals, machine axes and so on.

2, tungsten steel strips, commonly used to make, woodworking tools, wear parts and so on.

3, tungsten steel sheet, commonly used to produce high-precision high wear-resistant molds, progressive molds, anti-theft panels, X-ray radiation panels, tools, shaped parts and so on.

4, tungsten steel disc, commonly used to make round blades, such as: aluminum substrate blade, cutting machine blade, tungsten steel cutting machine blade, tungsten steel V-CUT blade, V-CUT knife, tungsten steel cutting blade, tungsten Steel corrugated blades, fiber cutting blades, etc.

5, high temperature tungsten steel materials, commonly used to make ceramic sintering molds, cemented carbide sintering molds.