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Thread milling cutter principle and advantages

Jun 11, 2018

Principle: Thread milling is done on a three-axis machine tool (machining center). When one revolution of G03/G02 is performed on the X and Y axes, the Z axis moves one pitch P simultaneously.


★ The cost is lower. Although a single thread cutter is more expensive than a wire tap, the cost of a single tapped hole is more than that of a tap.

★Higher accuracy. Thread milling cutter can achieve the accuracy with tool compensation. Customers can freely choose the thread accuracy they need.

★ Good finish, teeth milled by thread cutter are more beautiful than silk attack.

★ Long life, the life of thread milling cutter is more than ten times or even several times of tapping, reducing the time of tool change and machine adjustment.

★ Not afraid of breaking, the broken thread may cause the scrap of the workpiece. The thread milling cutter is easy to remove even if it is broken manually. The workpiece will not be scrapped.

★ The efficiency of thread milling cutters is much higher than that of tapping.

★ blind hole thread milling cutter can be milled to the bottom, wire tapping can not.

★ For some materials, thread milling cutter can be drilled. Milling teeth. Chamfer forming once, wire tapping can not.

★ A thread milling cutter can process different internal and external screw threads.

★ Screw holes with the same pitch and different sizes need several replacements for tapping. Thread milling cutters can be used universally.

★ When detecting the tapped hole for the first time, the thread milling cutter can be corrected by the tool compensation, but the thread tapping is not acceptable, and the workpiece is only scrapped.

★ When machining large screw holes, the tapping efficiency is low and the thread milling cutter can be realized instantaneously.

★ The thread milling cutter cuts into powder-like short crumbs. No tangled knife is possible. The tapping processing is spiral iron swarf and it is easy to wrap the knife.

★ Non-entire tooth contact cutting of thread milling cutter, less load and cutting force of the machine tool than tapping.

★ Simple clamping, tapping needs flexible tapping tool holder, thread milling cutter can be used ER.HSK. Hydraulic.

★ A handy thread milling cutter bar can be replaced with metric. American-made and other blade, good economy.

★ When processing high-hardness threads, the wire taps are seriously worn and can't even be machined. The thread milling cutter can be easily realized.