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The choice of mold milling cutter?

May 09, 2020

Reasonable die milling cutter life is generally divided into high-productivity die milling cutter life and low-cost die milling cutter life. The former is determined according to the goal of less single-piece working hours, and the latter is determined according to the goal of low process cost.

Compared with ordinary machine tool processing methods, CNC machining puts forward higher requirements for mold milling cutters. It not only needs good rigidity and high precision, but also requires dimensional stability, mold milling cutter life is long, and requires easy installation and adjustment to meet CNC machine tools. High efficiency requirements. The selected die milling cutters on CNC machine tools often use die milling cutter materials suitable for high-speed cutting, and use indexable inserts. For multi-tool machine tools and combined machine tools with complicated tool installation, tool change and tool adjustment, the life-span standards for mold milling cutters should be selected higher, and the reliability of mold milling cutters should also be ensured. When the productivity of a certain process in the workshop limits the increase in the productivity of the entire workshop, or when the overall plant expenses shared by a certain process per unit time are large, the life of the mold milling cutter should also be selected lower.

Factors such as mold milling cutter manufacturing, sharpening costs, and complexity can be considered when formulating die milling cutter life. For the indexable cutters with short tool change time, in order to improve production efficiency and give full play to their cutting performance, the die milling cutter life can be selected to be lower. The life of complex and high-precision mold milling cutters should be selected to be higher than that of single-edged cutters. In the finishing of large parts, in order to ensure that the tool is completed at least once, and to avoid changing the tool halfway during cutting, the life of the mold milling cutter should be determined according to the accuracy of the parts and the surface roughness.