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Taper shank twist drills with Morse taper

Aug 25, 2016

Taper shank twist drills are the most widely used drilling tool. Diameters usually range from 0.25~80 mm. It is composed mainly by the Ministry of work and handle. Part two spiral groove, shaped like a spiral, hence the name. Taper shank twist drills are different from straight shank twist drills, taper shank twist drill stem is tapered. Twist drill with different specifications, different Morse taper.

Morse taper of the taper is a international standard used for static coupled with precise positioning. Because of the small Cone, using the principles of friction, you can pass a certain torque, and because it is a taper fit, so you can easily disassemble. In an area in the same taper, artifacts can be freedom disassembly, while at work and does not affect the use of effects, such as drilling taper shank drill, if you use the need for removal of the bit grinding, demolished and then reinstall does not affect bit Center.