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Straight shank twist drill installation notes

Aug 25, 2016

1, with the drill Chuck is installed

This clamping method is suitable for straight shank twist drills. Because it uses insert the taper shank drill Chuck lathe tailstock when drill bit insert drill Chuck in three claws and then clamping the key to install, so install only 13mm follows straight shank drill bits.

2, drill bushings installed

When the straight shank twist drill bit taper shank numbers with lathe tailstock taper hole numbers match, taper shank twist drills can be plugged directly into the lathe tailstock; however, if the number is not the same as using a drill set transition. For example, the drill bit taper shank is the 2nd, and lathe tailstock taper hole is the 4th, you come to in the 2, 3 and 3, 42 drill sets, on the first two condoms on the bit while drilling, then put on a lathe tailstock. When removed from the drill bit, generally must use a special wedge from waist-shaped insert in the hole at the foot drill bushings, tap after wedge, bits will be squeezed out.