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Grooving cutter

Aug 18, 2020

Cutting pipe materials does not leave burrs and saw blades, because the hardness of the milling cutter is harder than the cutting material after heat treatment, so it can be easily cut under high-speed rotation. After the tooth edge of the notch milling cutter is ground, the tooth edge is sharp and sticky, cutting faster. The chip flute is smooth, which makes the chip easier and does not stick to the cutter, making the milling cutter more durable.


HSS, hard alloy, high-speed tungsten-molybdenum alloy steel, high-speed tungsten-molybdenum cobalt-containing alloy steel, etc.


Specifications for vacuum heat treatment, titanium plating, nitriding, special plating, etc.

Saw blade outer diameter: 8-450MM  Saw blade thickness: 0.10-23MM  Applicable materials: milling, groove processing and sawing, cutting, cutting, etc. of ordinary steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, wood and other materials.  Applicable machinery: milling machines, pipe cutting machines, pipe processing machines, pipe cutting machines, metal circular saws, sawing machine tools, etc.