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Difference of Tungsten carbide and HSS

Aug 07, 2018

Tungsten-containing steels, such as high speed steel and some hot work die steels, contain tungsten in the steel to significantly improve the hardness and heat resistance of the steel, but the toughness will drop sharply. The main component of cemented carbide is tungsten carbide, so it is also called tungsten steel. Tungsten steel is a hard alloy, also known as tungsten titanium alloy. Hardness can reach HRB89 to 95. For this reason, tungsten steel products (commonly available in tungsten steel watches) have characteristics that are not easily worn. Commonly used on lathe tools, impact drill bits, glass cutter heads, tile cutters, hard to avoid annealing, but crisp. Belongs to the ranks of rare metals.

"White steel" in metal materials White steel is a common name for high speed steel, but white steel in chemical plants is a common name for stainless steel. In the factory, high speed steel is called "Sharp steel", high-speed steel cutters produced by tool factory and tool cutting tool factory. The billet (made by the user to grind into a cutter and a thread cutter) is ground and bright white, so it is called "white steel cutter".