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Characteristics of tungsten steel milling cutter during cutting

Oct 25, 2018

  1. The cutting part of the tungsten steel milling cutter consists of one or several teeth, which are distributed on the surface or end surface of the rotating body. When cutting, it is intermittent. Therefore, the teeth are subjected to periodic impact force, which makes the knife easy. Sharp edge.

  2. 2. Tungsten steel milling cutter During the cutting process, the thickness of the chip changes whether it is down-cut or up-cut. Therefore, the cutting force during the cutting process also changes, and it is periodic, so it is easy to cause the process system. vibration.

  According to the above characteristics, in order to make the milling smooth and ensure the normal operation of the cutter teeth, reasonable structural parameters and geometric parameters must be selected. The selection of structural parameters and geometric parameters of tungsten steel milling cutters is more complicated than other tools.