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Carbide drill bit grinding and application of coating technique

Aug 25, 2016

Sinotruk Jinan bridge limited workshop of passive gear Kong Yuan used radial drilling machine, the use of ordinary high speed steel drill bit for processing. With the expansion of production scale, the original processing methods can not meet the production cycle, to this end, the workshop introduced advanced CNC machining centers. CNC machine has the advantages of high efficiency, stable product quality, especially suitable for large batch production.

Workshop in the processing of products for the current HOWO passive gear, with 16 PHI 17 holes, the material for SAE8822H. The hardness of the material in the HB165-190, due to the presence of certain constituents of Ni element, causing stickiness is bigger. Characteristics of the workpiece, and selection of drill bits, optimization of cutting parameter, improve processing efficiency is urgent.