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Boring tool

Oct 15, 2019

The file is a kind of boring tool. It is usually a round shank. It also has a large workpiece with a square arbor. The most common occasions are inner hole machining, reaming, and contouring. One or two cutting sections, specially designed for roughing, semi-finishing or finishing existing holes. The file can be used on a boring machine, lathe or milling machine.

Due to the different clamping methods, the part has various forms such as square handle, Morse taper shank and 7:24 taper shank. The double-edged trowel has two teeth that are simultaneously cut on both sides of the center. Since the radial forces generated during cutting are balanced with each other, the cutting amount can be increased and the production efficiency is high. The double-edged boring tool is divided into a floating boring tool and a fixed boring tool according to whether the blade floats on the mast. Floating boring tools are suitable for the finishing of holes. It is actually equivalent to a reamer that can cut holes with high dimensional accuracy and smooth surface, but it cannot correct the linear deviation of the hole. In order to increase the number of regrinds, the floating boring tool is often made of an adjustable structure.

In order to meet the needs of various apertures and hole depths and to reduce the size of the file, the mast and the cutter head are designed as a series of basic components - modules. When used, the appropriate modules can be selected according to the requirements of the workpiece, and various boring tools can be combined to simplify the design and manufacture of the tool.