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Brazed Carbide Centre Measure Tools

Brazed Carbide Centre Measure Tools


Product Name: Brazed Carbide Centre Measure Tools For measuring, brazed tungsten carbide, custom made special tools





Product Name: Brazed Carbide Centre Measure Tools

Product Parameters:

1. Brand name: WAT

2. Place of origin: Guangdong of China

3. Grade: WAT550

4. Raw material: Original tungsten carbide

5. Grain Size: Micro grain 0.6μ

6. Type: Carbide centre, Measuring centre

7. Tip angle: 60°

Main Features:

Made of high hardness raw carbide material, high durable and strength. Mainly for measuring usage, brazed carbide material will make the centre more stable, measure precision will be much higher.


According to provided drawing or detail specifications.

carbide centre

carbide centre02

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Payment terms 拷贝FAQ

1. Are you manufacturer? Do you have a factory?

We are manufacturer. Our factory is located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is very close to Shanghai. Welcome to visit our factory!


2.What machine do you use?

We have 5-Axis automatic CNC grinding machines from abroad, Walter from Germany, ANCA from Australia and Top Work from Taiwan.


3. Is free shipping possible?

We don't offer free shipping service, but we will give you some discount if you buy large quantity.


4. Can you send products to our Forwarder in China?

Yes, if you have forwarders in China, we can send goods to them.


5. How about the delivery time?

According to the sizes and quantity, delivery time is different. Usually be 3-10 days. 


WAT Tool is one of the largest Brazed Carbide Centre Measure Tools manufacturers. We have professional factory which can produce cheap Brazed Carbide Centre Measure Tools for you. Welcome to wholesale our products.

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